Monday, December 13, 2010


Most people seem to be coming from a point of view that says, show me the money and then we may listen to you. We have to have it to be able to function and pursue higher levels of enlightenment. Therefore, this section will be about the money making ideas.Money is perhaps the greatest common denominator; in particular, how to have plenty of it. What is amazing is that a healthy pursuit of money also contributes to progress towards the so called higher levels of human development as well as a healthy environment. Note that the emphasis here is on "healthy" pursuits over very long terms stretching across generations.

Money has become life blood for economic functioning of all societies around the world. Just like blood in a living body, money must be kept flowing for it to be most useful. When people focus on accumulation of money, something akin to a social coronary artery disease easily develops in the money flow channels, as societies age and begin to stagmate rather than progress towards the next plateu. Examples of plaque in the money flow channels haved been plentliful before all dpressions through out history; the most recently one was recognized around 2007 which is still being dealt with today in 2010, with a high degree of urgency, to avoid worldwide cardiac arrests.

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